New Photo of Miner H. Howe Discovered.

Thanks to James Howe and fellow researcher Shawn Andrews a new photo of Miner H. Howe was discovered. The new photo was found in the “American Biography: A New Cyclopedia”,
High School Graduation

Harry Thomas Howe dies at home

Harry Thomas Howe (1938-2019) Harry Thomas Howe, 80 of Mountain Home, Idaho, a veteran of the US Air Force (1957-1965), died at his home on March 22. He is preceded

The Old House

The Old House
James R. Howe
February 20, 1998
Revised June 18, 2016

Based on personal interviews with Mrs. Dorothy Howe, Mr. Ron France, and Mr. Jerome France whose fond memories drew me to create this document.

The Biography of Charles Howe

Charles O. Howe (1913-1987)
Written By Donald Howe
November 7, 1998

Based on personal interviews with Mrs. Dorothy Howe (wife), Son's and Daughter and family relatives whose memories are included here in.