Lucius Heman Howe
b: 25 JUL 1862
d: 18 FEB 1941
Had 6 sons when he moved to the state of Washington. Celebrated 50 years of marriage in Cuyahoga Falls , Ohio in 1938.

Received new information via e-mail from Sherrie Northrup who live in the state of Wahington. Sherrie Northrup's great-grandfather is Lucius Heman Howe, son of Orville Howe and Cora Smith. Sherrie has provided several photos and priceless information regarding the family of Lucius Heman Howe. The following is from Sherrie's e-mail:

"My greatgrandfather was Lucius Heman Howe, son of Orville, who married Cora Smith from Summit County Ohio on Oct.7, 1888 in Lincoln County Wa. I am pretty sure about the date because I travelled there and found the old marriage registry. This corresponds to your site #157. My research has it that he raised 5 sons and 4 daughters but it may not be totally correct. He lived near Colville, WA (actually in Ferry County, Wa) and is in the 1920 census there which listed him as 57 years old with parents from Ohio. He was postmaster for a time in the Ferry County region. He later moved to Marysville, Wa (near Seattle) and he and Cora are both buried in the Marysville cemetary.

One of his sons, Frank Edward, who married Mary Cleo Will was my grandfather. He died while operating a small horse logging company around 1935 on the North Fork of the CoeurdAlene River of a massive heart attack at age 48 and is buried in CoeurdAlene, Idaho. He had 3 sons and a daugher. Sons: Albert (WW2 veteran and hard drinker) one son Richard (history unknown). Albert died in the 1980's in Spokane, Wa. Son 2 was Harold (WW2veteran) who had 3 children: daughter Betty (died 1999 Silverton, Or, daughter Mary Ann who currently resides in Smelterville, Idaho and son Edward who lives in Post Falls Idaho. Harold died in his fifties from heart problems in the 1980's. Son 3 (my father) was Kenneth Gordon(WW2 veteran) who had 1 son and 2 daughters. Son Gary died in 1965 following pulmonary embolism after back surgery at age 24, daughter Patricia (born 1947)lives in Raymond, Wa, and myself (born 1953) and living in Pasco, Wa.

Our father Kenneth died in 1970 at age 48 from massive heart attack (same age as his own father Frank when he died from his MI). Harold was a logger and Kenneth was a logger/carpentar. Albert worked as a truck driver. The daughter of Frank was named Frances and she died at age 24. She had 2 sons--Frank Leaf (sawmill supervisor) who died around 1997 in Boardman, Oregon and Ernest H. Leaf who lives in Pacifica, Ca and is a travel agent. Here is a quick history of Lucius and Cora that is about all I have--

They had the following children: Frank Edward, Nellie (married Tom Miller), Charlie (children: Ruby LaRue, LeRoy, Bea Positewaite, Elmer, Nellie Sticklemeyer, Elwood, Gladys Hunstucker), George (children: Doris, Vera and Richard), Flora ( married an Elliot and had Lloyd and daughter Dorothy Burlingame), Cora (married Elmer Swanson), Louie (unknown), Betty (unknown), and son Orville who died at age 14 and is buried near Hunters, Wa."

I am forever greatful to Sherrie and the information she provided. We have since exhanged various photo's and other family information which has now become a part of the Howe Family History.
  • 25 JUL 1862 - Birth - ; Ohio
  • 18 FEB 1941 - Death - ; Marysville, Washington
  • 1938 - Fact 2 - ; Celebrated 50 years of marriage in Cuyahoga Falls , Ohio
  • 25 DEC 1999 - Fact 3 - ; Rec''d new information from relatives living in the state of Washington
Lucius Howe
11 JUL 1808 - 19 MAY 1886
Orville Howe
28 AUG 1837 - 10 MAR 1913
Mary Ann Morris
10 FEB 1810 - 11 MAR 1872
Lucius Heman Howe
25 JUL 1862 - 18 FEB 1941
Corydon Holcomb
26 DEC 1806 - UNKNOWN
Julany Ann Holcomb
1 APR 1837 - 17 AUG 1901
Asenath O. Bryan
8 APR 1810 - UNKNOWN
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Lucius Heman Howe
Birth25 JUL 1862Ohio
Death18 FEB 1941 Marysville, Washington
Marriage7 OCT 1888to Cora Ellen Smith at Lincoln County, Washington
FatherOrville Howe
MotherJulany Ann Holcomb
PARENT (F) Cora Ellen Smith
BirthJUL 1867Ohio
Death1939 Marysville, Washington
Marriage7 OCT 1888to Lucius Heman Howe at Lincoln County, Washington
FatherGeorge W. Smith Sr.
MotherElizabeth Yockey
MFrank Edward Howe
Birth7 AUG 1888Davenport, Washington
Death29 JUL 1936Coeur d'' Alene, Idaho
FNellie M. Howe
Birth17 MAR 1891
MCharles L. Howe
BirthSEP 1899Davenport, Washington
MGeorge L. Howe
BirthSEP 1897Davenport, Washington
Death27 OCT 1953Pend Oreille, Washington, USA
FFlora Belle Howe
Birth11 NOV 1892Davenport, Washington
Death11 MAY 1949Yakima, Washington, USA
FCora Ester Howe
Birth8 SEP 1912Ferry, Washington, USA
Death23 APR 1977Snohomish, Washington, USA
MLucius Finis Howe
Birth29 JUN 1907
Death7 JAN 1935Seatle, King, Washington, USA
FElizabeth L. Howe
Birth26 SEP 1902Washington
MOrville J. Howe
BirthJAN 1893Davenport, Washington
FMyrtle L. Howe
Birth4 JAN 1905Ferry County, Washington