Orville Howe
b: 28 AUG 1837
d: 10 MAR 1913
The life of Orville Howe met death when he was crushed between two trolly cars. The cars were the Akron, Kent and Ravenna No.23 and the Cuyahoga Falls car No.306. He was about to board the 10:30 Akron, Kent and Ravenna Car on his way home when a lady was about to get off, he courteously stepping back to allow her to pass and before he could step aboard was caught in" the devil's strip" by the Falls car and was badly crushed in the small space between the cars on parallel tracks.

There appears to be some question of when Orville was actually born. The Falls Recorder (Record) newspaper article account of his death written March 14, 1910 places his age as 75 years ,10 months and 10 days old. This would make his birth date in 1835 and not 1837. However, information taken from the 1900 census shows his birth as August 1837. He was 62 years of age at that time. Family birth records also show his birth as August 28, 1837. Coincident to the time of his death was the birth of Charles O. Howe who was born Monday March 10, 1913 the son of Minnie and Minor Howe. The family had a house servant living with them by the name of Gertude Fellenbaum who was born October 1879 in Ohio. This information is from the 1900 census as well.

In a further investigation surrounding the identity of Ellen J. Callahan, daughter of Lucius Howe,it was learned that Orville owned grave sites 1-6 lot 576 in Oakwood Cemetery. There is one open grave site yet to be used in lot 576.

Julany Holcomb died at the family home on a Sunday afternoon ,she was 64 years, 8 months and 17 days of age. She moved to the Cuyahoga Falls at one years of age and lived here ever since. Funeral services were held at the home on a Wednesday and was buried at Oakwood Cemetery. Rev. W. J. Wilson of the Methodist Episcopal Church officiated.

There is one open grave site yet to be used in lot 576.
  • 28 AUG 1837 - Birth - ; Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
  • 13 MAR 1913 - Burial - ; Oakwood Cemetary
  • 10 MAR 1913 - Death - ; Akron , Ohio
Solomon Howe
7 JUL 1771 - 9 JUN 1855
Lucius Howe
11 JUL 1808 - 19 MAY 1886
Martha Hackett
ABT 1777 - SEP 1869
Orville Howe
28 AUG 1837 - 10 MAR 1913
Mary Ann Morris
10 FEB 1810 - 11 MAR 1872
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Orville Howe
Birth28 AUG 1837Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
Death10 MAR 1913 Akron , Ohio
Marriage15 MAR 1859to Julany Ann Holcomb at Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
FatherLucius Howe
MotherMary Ann Morris
PARENT (F) Julany Ann Holcomb
Birth1 APR 1837Mogadore, Ohio
Death17 AUG 1901 Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
Marriage15 MAR 1859to Orville Howe at Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
FatherCorydon Holcomb
MotherAsenath O. Bryan
MMiner H. Howe
Birth3 APR 1878Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
Death19 APR 1940Akron , Ohio
MOrville Howe Jr.
Birth14 MAR 1876Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
Death18 JUL 1876Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
MLucius Heman Howe
Birth25 JUL 1862Ohio
Death18 FEB 1941Marysville, Washington
FMary A. Howe
Birth19 FEB 1864
Death11 MAR 1927Shalersville Township, Portage, Ohio, USA
FIda May Howe
Birth19 MAY 1867Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
Death7 NOV 1932Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
MCharles M. Howe
Birth9 MAR 1869Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
Death6 SEP 1942Richfield, Summit, Ohio, USA
FJennie A. Howe
Birth26 FEB 1871
Death26 JUN 1964Jefferson, Ohio, USA
FMartha J. Howe
Birth13 JUN 1874Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
Death15 JUL 1919Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
FNellie Howe
Birth31 JUL 1860Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
Death23 JAN 1861Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio