Ellen Julia Howe
b: 17 APR 1831
d: 27 APR 1891
7/23/96 Ellen J. Callahan (Howe) is buried next to Lucius in Oakwood Cemetery in the same grave lot. It is therefor reasonable to assume that she is the daughter of Lucius. Further investigation is needed.

4/10/97 Ellen J. Callahan is buried in lot 576, grave #4 which belonged to Orville Howe (owned graves1-5). The records of Oak Wood cemetery show her death date as 11/27/1891. In the newspaper article of 5/20/1886 which records the death of Lucius Howe it also mentions the survivors as two sons and a daughter, Mrs. Callahan This is not complete confirmation but very strong evidence that Ellen was the daughter of Lucius.

Also, buried in grave #5 is a William Radcliffe who died 2/13/1812. This individual may have been a relative or friend.

4/11/97 From the copy of the June 10, 1880 Census, Ellen J. Callahan is listed as Julia E. Callahan daughter of Lucius Howe. She was then 49 and listed as widowed. She was born in Connecticut. She had a son George who was 13 years of age at the time of the census. This would place his birth in 1867 and it would appear that he was born in Texas. It is unclear why the grave stone marker list her as Ellen J. Callahan.

1/18/98 Brother Jim presented me with land maps of the Cuyahoga Falls area of 1891. It shows various city lots where land ownership was E. Callahan At least four lots along Stow St. This is very exiting information and furthers the support that the Howes were well known citizens of the time. (See Appendix E)

4/10/98 In the abstract will of Ellen Callahan dated January 3, 1891 we have listed her brother Orville Howe his wife Julany and their children. Also, her son George Callahan. Bertha daughter of Mary Willard. Executer of the will is Thomas F. Walsh and witnessed by Ida Sutton and C. M. Walsh. The will mentions and describes property in Cuyahoga Falls. Minor H. Howe and Thomas F. Walsh to be trustees for son George during the period of his natural life, then to his children if there be any.

4/15/98 Obtained a copy of the last will and testament of Ellen Callahan. In it she gives to her brother Orville, the property situated in Cuyahoga Falls known as lots 1 and 2 Block "E". Also, property located on the north side of Stow Street. To her son George she gave a gold watch and chain, a feather bed and some other personal belongings. It seems that whatever was left, including other property and moneys was given to her brother Minor and Thomas F. Walsh in trust for her son George. The executer of her will was Thomas F. Walsh. The will is dated January 3, 1891.
  • 17 APR 1831 - Birth - ; Canaan, Conneticut
  • 27 APR 1891 - Death - ; Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
Solomon Howe
7 JUL 1771 - 9 JUN 1855
Lucius Howe
11 JUL 1808 - 19 MAY 1886
Martha Hackett
ABT 1777 - SEP 1869
Ellen Julia Howe
17 APR 1831 - 27 APR 1891
Mary Ann Morris
10 FEB 1810 - 11 MAR 1872
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) James Callahan
BirthABT 1831Conneticut
Death25 MAR 1870 Austin, Texas, USA
Marriage5 DEC 1864to Ellen Julia Howe at Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
PARENT (F) Ellen Julia Howe
Birth17 APR 1831Canaan, Conneticut
Death27 APR 1891 Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
Marriage5 DEC 1864to James Callahan at Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
FatherLucius Howe
MotherMary Ann Morris
MGeorge Callahan
Birth21 MAY 1867San Antonio, Texas
Death15 JUL 1907Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio