Jeremiah Howe
b: ABT 1614
d: 16 NOV 1690
Jeremiah was born in England about 1614; he came to this country with his father on board the ship "Truelove" in 1635. He was then about 21 years of age. It is quite certain that he lived in Lynn, Mass. a few years. He moved from Lynn to New Haven, Ct., as early as 1644.

He married a woman who we only know as Elizabeth (Ancestry Unknown). The records of New Haven show that he was a lot owner there in 1643, and also that he took the oath of fidelity May 2, 1647. He was dismissed from the church of Lynn in 1645, and in the same year his name appears as one of the members of Centre Church in New Haven. He probably kept a public inn, for he was licensed "to sell strong water by pints or quarts".

He and his brother Ephriam afterwards settled in Wallingford, Ct. His name and the names of his sons Zachariah and Nathaniel, are found among those of the first settlers, proprietors and taxpayers of Wallingford. His will is dated 11/18/1677, is recorded in New Haven probate Records, Vol.2, p.77. In this will it is recited that he was a mariner and is about to sail for the Barbados, and he leaves everything to his wife Eliza. (Elizabeth). Appended to this will is the following: " We whose names are underwritten do hereby signify and declare that we are fully satisfied". (signed) Zachary How, Nathaniel How, Jeremiah How and Joseph How.

The will of Elizabeth Howe bearing date of 11/19/1690, is also of record in the New Haven Probate Records, in which she mentioned her sons Zachariah, Nathaniel, Jeremy, Joseph, and John, and her grand-child "Lidia", probably Lydia, daughter of her son Nathaniel, born November 6, 1675. In this will her son John is named as Executor. The same records show that " widow Eliz'h died 1/23/1695-6. It would seem therefore, to be quite reasonable to say Jeremiah had two children, Zachariah and Nathaniel, born ( probably in Lynn) before he went to New Haven. Jeremiah died in New Haven on 11/16/1690-1.
  • ABT 1614 - Birth - ; London, England
  • 16 NOV 1690 - Death - ; New Haven, Connecticut
William Howe
DEC 1540 - 21 APR 1620
Edward Howe
ABT 1574 - APR 1639
Mary Marie Newman
ABT 1544 - 7 APR 1621
Jeremiah Howe
ABT 1614 - 16 NOV 1690
Elizabeth Gaylord
ABT 1584 - 25 JAN 1672
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Jeremiah Howe
BirthABT 1614London, England
Death16 NOV 1690 New Haven, Connecticut
MarriageABT 1644to Elizabeth Culver at New Haven, Connecticut
FatherEdward Howe
MotherElizabeth Gaylord
PARENT (F) Elizabeth Culver
BirthABT 1618London, England
Death23 JAN 1695 New Haven, Connecticut
MarriageABT 1644to Jeremiah Howe at New Haven, Connecticut
MJeremiah Howe
Birth8 JUL 1650New Haven, Connecticut
Death22 SEP 1740Wallingford, Connecticut
MZachariah Howe
BirthUNKNOWNLynn, Massachusetts
DeathABT 1703
MNathaniel Howe
BirthBEF 1645Lynn, Massachusetts
Death12 FEB 1722Wallingford, Connecticut
FElizabeth Howe
Birth30 MAR 1645New Haven, Connecticut
DeathBEF 1690New Haven, Connecticut
FBathsheba Howe
Birth15 MAY 1648New Haven, Connecticut
Death27 DEC 1729New Haven, Connecticut
MJoseph Howe
Birth22 OCT 1653New Haven, Connecticut
DeathABT 1703
MJohn Howe
Birth26 JUN 1656New Haven, Connecticut
DeathABT 1750
MEbenezer Howe
Birth26 JUN 1656New Haven, Connecticut