Edward Howe
b: ABT 1574
d: APR 1639
Edward Howe with his wife and five children embarked on the "Truelove" for New England on the 19th of September, 1635. The names as they appeared on the list are as follows: Edward How, husbandman, aged 60, Elizabeth, aged 56, Jeremie, aged 21, Sara, aged 12, Ephraim, aged 9, Isaac, aged 7, William, aged 6.

On reaching this country, they settled in what is now known as Lynn, Mass. He was admitted freeman December 8, 1636. He was a man of much ability, of good report, and a highly respected citizen. He was chosen deputy to the General Court in 1638, and in the same year, his named appeared on the list of land-owners in Lynn, as having 210 acres. He died very suddenly in April 1639, and his widow was appointed by the General Court to administer his estate on May 22, 1639.

Of Edwards ancestry we have little information. It has been a long standing tradition in the family that he came from London, England, and there seems to be strong support in the foundation of this tradition. There may have been other Howes in Lynn prior to 1635 but little is know of them. Much of the information concerning the Howe families of Lynn are surrounded in vague traditions and suppositions, and it is largely owing to the fact that the records of Lynn, for the first sixty years are missing.

We do not know Elizabeth's last name or her ancestry. She was born in England about 1584. From the Genealogical Dictionary of New England Viol. II page 474 we have the death of Elizabeth as January 25,1672.
  • ABT 1574 - Birth - ; London, England
  • APR 1639 - Death - ; Lynn, Massachusetts
William Howe
DEC 1540 - 21 APR 1620
Edward Howe
ABT 1574 - APR 1639
Mary Marie Newman
ABT 1544 - 7 APR 1621
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Edward Howe
BirthABT 1574London, England
DeathAPR 1639 Lynn, Massachusetts
MarriageABT 1598to Elizabeth Gaylord at England
FatherWilliam Howe
MotherMary Marie Newman
PARENT (F) Elizabeth Gaylord
BirthABT 1584England
Death25 JAN 1672 Lynn, Massachusetts
MarriageABT 1598to Edward Howe at England
MJeremiah Howe
BirthABT 1614London, England
Death16 NOV 1690New Haven, Connecticut
MJoseph Howe
FSarah Howe
BirthABT 1623England
MEphraim Howe
BirthABT 1626England
MIsaac Howe
BirthABT 1628England
MWilliam Howe
BirthABT 1629England